Surprise Donut Day #1

Aug 5
Megan and Alice

Come try a glazed old-fashioned doughnut from Jim and Connie’s Blair Bakery, the best doughnut I’ve ever had, for free. Join me from 8:30-10:30 am and see for yourself! 

I’ve always been known for having strong opinions about a lot of things, and doughnuts are no exception. Jim and Connie Custard (yes, really) have been creating the most delicious, perfectly balanced, crave-able treats in their small local bakery for 30 years, and if you grew up in Blair like me, you probably ate one every Friday in homeroom. I’m bringing them to the corner of 50th & Underwood this weekend where you can grab a treat on your morning walk and say hello! It might be raining, but I'll have a little tent and I'd love to say hello.

Just come try these doughnuts. Trust me. They’re so good!