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2024 Session Recap

As the 2024 legislative session drew to a close on April 18th, I found myself reflecting on the whirlwind of activity and progress we achieved together. From the halls of the Capitol to the grassroots advocacy in our communities, it's been a session marked by victories, challenges, and the enduring spirit of Nebraskans striving for a better future.

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Governor Pillen’s Misguided Veto of Bipartisan Public Health Measure

Governor Pillen’s veto statement about my priority bill demonstrates that he is simply not familiar with the bill. He has a fundamental misunderstanding of the function of Syringe Service Programs (SSPs), which serve as a doorway to accessing treatment. The relationships, resources, and referrals people obtain from an SSP are often the first opportunity for treatment they receive. In fact, people who use SSPs are up to five times more likely to receive treatment.

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