Megan, in front of the microphone.

Vision for Nebraska

Nebraskans deserve leadership that supports individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness to enable ALL of our neighbors to enjoy the good life.

Megan Hunt believes we can be a state that is on the right side of history, with human rights and equality of opportunity for everyone who wants to call Nebraska home. It is vital to our economic success and sustainability that we make Nebraska a more welcoming state, embracing and protecting the spectrum of voices and experiences that build the foundation of the good life we all share. Inclusivity and access to opportunity should be our promise, not our problem.

Our leadership must commit to keeping young people civically engaged by taking steps to reduce brain drain at all levels of government.

Like our grandparents' generation, millennials are incredibly resourceful given the financial and economic challenges facing our age group. But despite our brainpower, will, and determination, we’re in danger of losing electoral engagement from a population that is becoming exhausted doing activism that doesn’t lead to tangible results in public policy. To combat the threats of disengagement from both our civic system and from Nebraska in general, legislators must take responsibility for passing both social and economic policy that helps Nebraska retain and attract our nation’s brightest minds of all ages and backgrounds.

Our economy isn’t money. It’s people.

When we talk about the state’s budget, we’re talking about the people’s money. We must keep our promises to taxpayers by balancing the budget, and by looking to innovation and technology to increase efficiencies in government and reduce wasteful spending. As a businessowner, Megan Hunt knows the value of relationships in building trust to grow a company, and also understands the challenges of having entrepreneurial vision that is bigger than the bank account. Megan has built her reputation running innovative and profitable companies in Omaha, and has been recognized for her ability to grow staff, customers, and revenue in a startup environment without incurring corporate debt. Megan brings a creative mind and tested experience for reconciling budgetary challenges with plans for growth.


Ribbon Values

  • Nebraskans deserve leadership that support individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • The key to keeping young people civically engaged is leadership that takes their concerns seriously
  • Inclusivity and access to opportunity should be our promise, not our problem
  • Partisan scorekeeping is counterproductive to results that benefit all people in this demographically and geographically diverse state

Ribbon Jobs & Technology

  • Attracting new businesses and reducing brain drain should be a top priority for all levels of Nebraska government
  • We need to improve our Open Data Directive to use state data to connect citizens to their communities
  • We must emphasize personal and business incentives for returning veterans

Ribbon Education

  • A high-quality and well-funded public school system is instrumental to the success of all children
  • Children learn best and deserve to be educated in classrooms where their civil rights are respected
  • Statewide comprehensive sex education is what students need to be safe and informed about their own bodily autonomy and respect for others
  • Affordable college education is a critical investment in Nebraska’s future

Ribbon Justice Reform

  • Effective justice reform can reduce recidivism, improve public trust in law enforcement, and address the devastating effects of mass incarceration
  • Public data access can be improved to give law enforcement better information at their fingertips while on patrol
  • 21st century policing practices including body cameras, training on the use of force, and protocol for handling officer misconduct will modernize law enforcement and build public trust
  • Nebraska must support survivors of assault by requiring law enforcement agencies to count, track, and test rape kits

Ribbon Fiscal Responsibility

  • We should look to innovation & technology to increase efficiencies in government and reduce wasteful spending
  • When we talk about the state budget, we’re talking about the people’s money. We must keep our promises to taxpayers by maintaining a balanced budget

Ribbon Civil Rights

  • We must make it easier for everyone to vote by stopping voter suppression and protecting access to the ballot box
  • We must mandate protections for LGBT+ youth in schools, ban conversion therapy, and ensure access to social services
  • Nebraskans must welcome immigrants and refugees and stand up for our newest neighbors regardless of their immigration status
  • Nebraska should legalize marijuana, as well as allow people with marijuana convictions to clear or modify their records

Ribbon Families

  • Paid family leave is an essential safety net for working families
  • It’s time for Nebraska to expand Medicaid coverage to treat children and families who have been hit hardest by our changing healthcare landscape
  • Megan will fight for healthcare for all, putting people before profits
  • Megan will lead the fight against any attempt to defund reproductive healthcare providers. All women need access to safe reproductive healthcare, no matter where they live.

Ribbon Environment

  • Keeping our air and water resources clean is critical to protecting our future and strengthening our economic potential
  • Nebraska must increase funding and incentives for wind and solar energy development
  • Keystone XL is not in the best interest of Nebraskans as it threatens Nebraska’s natural resources, agricultural economy, and water supply
  • We need to legalize the farming of industrialized hemp to support our Nebraska producers and bring much-needed revenue into our state
  • Nebraska has the potential to be a nationwide leader in reducing dependence on foreign oil through the development of renewable energy resources