Volunteer Day!

Apr 28

Are you a canvassing pro? Are you terrified of knocking doors? Are you looking for a campaign to get involved in for the first time? Do you just want to feel productive on a Saturday? 

Come to our first big volunteer day on Saturday the 28th at the Petshop Gallery in Benson! All are welcome, and we'll have ways for people of all levels of experience, ability, and comfort to help us win this election! Snacks will also be provided. 

✔ Knocking doors
✔ Making phone calls
✔ Placing yard signs
✔ Preparing literature for canvassing
✔ Writing postcards

Petshop Gallery Benson

Open 11am-6pm

2727 N 62nd St 

Omaha, NE 68104 

It's important to me that everybody who wants to feel like they are making a change in our leadership, that everybody who wants to feel civically engaged, that everybody who wants to participate in our democratic process, has the opportunity to do that. We have a lot of fun campaigning. If you're willing to help, I promise you'll have a great time. 

Your support of me, my message, and the work we're all doing together to achieve it means so much to me.