A Note of Thanks


Thank you to everyone for all of your likes, questions, contributions, and engagement! 

I know this district is home to a very involved and passionate community of folks who are thoughtful, who are civically engaged, who show up for PTO meetings and neighborhood association gatherings and who patronize our local businesses. I know because I see it every day, and that's why I’m so excited to be running here, in the neighborhood where I’ve lived and been a business owner for over a decade, where I put down roots and started my family, and where I look forward to making a difference in the legislature for all of my neighbors who make this district so great. 

I have coffee at Blue Line every morning, I walk my daughter to school at Dundee Elementary, and I own a storefront at 50th and Underwood where I employ people and work every day, seeing neighbors from our community and beyond. 

This community has taught me what it means to be a good neighbor and a good citizen. I look forward to taking this example with me to Lincoln.