Protect Our Unique Nonpartisan Legislature

Secret ballots are an essential feature of the nonpartisanship nature of the Nebraska Legislature. They allow lawmakers to base their votes on their own convictions and the needs of their districts, rather than taking orders from a political party. Voting to eliminate secret ballots means voting to change our legislature into something partisan. I took an oath to represent the people of my district, not to represent a party. I am proud to be for this nonpartisan institution and I am committed to protecting it.

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NOISE Article - Sen. Megan Hunt on the Future of Abortion Access in Nebraska

Soon after the Supreme Court ruling becomes official, the Nebraska Legislature will convene for a special session and once again, try to pass a total ban on abortion in our state. Though the legislature successfully blocked a bill to ban abortion this year, we didn’t protect the right to abortion in our state for good. We only bought more time for Nebraskans to organize, unite, and strategize for a future in Nebraska without legal abortion care. If the Nebraska Legislature does convene a special session to ban abortion, I can promise that anti-choice politicians will have an uphill battle, because they will have to go through me.

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