Conflict of Interest Complaint Against Sen. Hunt for Supporting Trans Rights


Dear friends and neighbors,

Today I was informed by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission (NADC) that because of a complaint filed by David Begley, I am under official investigation for a conflict of interest for having a trans child and voting against LB574. My colleagues stood up offering me their kind words and disapproval of this complaint.

I don't need their words. I need their vote. My child needs their vote. Children and families from across our state need their votes. Words are meaningless unless you put action behind them. I will continue to advocate for our children - yours, theirs, and mine - no matter what harassment or intimidation comes my way.

All the best,

This is using the legal system that we have in our state to stop corruption, to increase transparency, and to hold governments accountable and instead use it to harass a member of the Legislature.