It's Official: No Special Session!

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NO Special Session! 

Governor Ricketts has officially announced that Nebraska will NOT hold a special session to restrict access to vital reproductive healthcare.

Thank you to everyone who contacted their representatives, volunteered, rallied, and made their voices heard! Due to your constant pressure, Nebraska will not convene a special session to further restrict Nebraskans' access to healthcare. You can view Speaker Hilger's letter to Governor Ricketts informing him they do not have the votes to pass an extreme abortion ban below.  Abortion is a right. Abortion is health care. The decision about whether and when to become a parent does not belong to the government.  Nebraskans have spoken; they do not want an abortion ban. We still have work to do come January. I look forward to seeing you all at the Capitol, in the hearing rooms, and at rallies. Together we have defeated an abortion ban and stood up against a special session. In January, we can do it AGAIN!

Visit Nebraskans for Abortion Access for more information on speaking out, showing up, and getting connected!    

Direct Action

Get involved with direct action to oppose healthcare restrictions

If you would like to be contacted about ways you can be involved in direct action, email, call, or DM me your city and a phone number I can call or text. If a bill is introduced in the Legislature in January to ban abortion, I will need a lot of help from people willing to testify in opposition to the ban, attend rallies, drive supporters to the Capitol, or just be physically present. When it is time, I will text you with more details! -- (402) 471-2722 

Volunteer on campaigns for candidates that support reproductive justice. Bring your friends and family. Educate others on candidates running for office. Donate to abortion funds. Volunteer with reproductive healthcare providers. Get your community involved. Attend rallies and community events. Educate your friends on reproductive rights. Contact your city council, state senator, and federal representatives. Sign up for email and action alerts with organizations such as I Be Black Girl, ACLU of Nebraska, Women's Fund of Omaha, Nebraska Abortion Resources, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska.

Thank you to everyone who made sure our state listened to the majority of Nebraskans who want abortion to stay legal.