LB 933 (Total Abortion Ban) Defeated



On April 6th, the Nebraska Legislature took a historic vote to block LB 993, a total abortion ban. The bill failed in a 31 to 15 vote. Nebraska managed to defeat a bill that would have totally banned abortion in the state, and the filibuster took over 8 hours! The bill would have also banned IVF, Plan B, emergency contraception, and prevented people with ectopic pregnancies from accessing healthcare. 

I want to thank all the advocates, volunteers, and colleagues who worked tirelessly to stop this injustice from passing. Issues like these are what motivated me and got me into politics in the first place. In the future, I'll continue to be a champion for reproductive rights and make sure abortion remains safe and legal in Nebraska.

If you emailed your senator, came to support in person, or reposted information on social media. You are helping the voices of Nebraska be heard. Remember, every election is vital for protecting Nebraskan's reproductive rights. 

We urged reproductive rights supporters to wear pink at the Nebraska State Capitol while lawmakers debated a bill that bans abortion. I am proud to stand with advocates and my colleagues to support Nebraskans' rights. 

Listen To My Remarks On LB 933 - Reproductive Rights ARE Personal

How They Voted: 

Yes (31): Aguilar, Albrecht, Arch, Bostelman, Brandt, Brewer, Briese, Clements, Dorn, Erdman, Flood, Friesen, Geist, Gragert, Halloran, B. Hansen, Hilgers, Hilkemann, Hughes, Jacobson, Kolterman, Lindstrom, Linehan, Lowe, McDonnell, Moser, Murman, Sanders, Slama, Stinner, Williams 

No (15): Blood, Bostar, J. Cavanaugh, M. Cavanaugh, Day, DeBoer, M. Hansen, Hunt, McCollister, McKinney, Morfeld, Pansing-Brooks, Vargas, Walz, Wishart 

Excused (3): Lathrop, Pahls, Wayne