Press Release: Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Bill to Add Protections for Gender Identity


Lincoln, NE— 1.22.19 Today Senator Megan Hunt introduced LB504, a bill that would expand the current definition of hate crimes to include crimes based on gender identity. Gender identity refers to an individual's internal concept of their gender, regardless of their assigned sex at birth.  State Legislatures across the country have been moving to include crimes based on gender identity in hate crime statutes. Nineteen states have passed legislation to include crimes based on gender identity in their hate crime laws, including Nebraska’s neighboring states of Missouri and Colorado. In 2009, the federal definition of hate crimes was updated to include gender identity.  LB504 brings Nebraska statutes up to date with this federal standard. The bill also updates hate crime statutes to include strangulation.

"Hate crimes not only impact victims and their families, but they instill debilitating fear in the communities they target,” said Senator Hunt.  “I have chosen to start a family and put down roots here in Nebraska. I want everyone to have the opportunity that I had to make a home in Nebraska without fear of harassment, discrimination, or violence.”