PRESS RELEASE: Senator Megan Hunt Selected for Prestigious CSG Henry Toll Fellowship

The Council of State Governments has announced that Senator Megan Hunt has been selected to participate in the 2022 CSG Henry Toll Fellowship. Bringing together 48 individuals representing 32 states from several sectors of state government, the Henry Toll Fellowship is the nation’s premier leadership development program for state government officials.

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NOISE Article - Sen. Megan Hunt on the Future of Abortion Access in Nebraska

Soon after the Supreme Court ruling becomes official, the Nebraska Legislature will convene for a special session and once again, try to pass a total ban on abortion in our state. Though the legislature successfully blocked a bill to ban abortion this year, we didn’t protect the right to abortion in our state for good. We only bought more time for Nebraskans to organize, unite, and strategize for a future in Nebraska without legal abortion care. If the Nebraska Legislature does convene a special session to ban abortion, I can promise that anti-choice politicians will have an uphill battle, because they will have to go through me.

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PRESS RELEASE: Senator Megan Hunt Files for Re-Election for Nebraska Legislature District 8

Today Senator Megan Hunt, a small business owner, community leader, and mother, announced her re-election bid for the Nebraska Legislature to represent District 8, - a seat she has held since 2019 - by officially filing with the Nebraska Accountability Disclosure Commission. Senator Hunt represents midtown Omaha, including the neighborhoods of Benson, Dundee, Happy Hollow, and Keystone.

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PRESS RELEASE: Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Legislative Resolution 269CA to Establish an Independent Redistricting Commission

Lincoln, NE— 1.6.22 — State Senator Megan Hunt introduced LR 269CA today to amend the Nebraska Constitution to establish an independent redistricting commission, to be appointed by the Legislature. If passed, the proposal will be added to the November 2022 ballot for the voters of Nebraska to affirm. Recent redistricting efforts were overshadowed by partisan games and the process largely obscured from public view. Nebraskans deserve for this process to be placed in the hands of people who can take on this responsibility in a transparent and impartial manner.

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PRESS RELEASE: Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Legislative Bill 834 to Eliminate the Disability Subminimum Wage

Lincoln, NE— 1.6.22 — Today, Senator Megan Hunt introduced LB 834, which would eliminate the outdated statute that allows employers to pay disabled employees well below minimum wage. Under an 80-year-old federal provision, states can legally pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage based on their perceived productivity. While this law was initially well-intended to encourage differently-abled individuals to find work, today it keeps workers earning poverty wages and segregated from their communities. Dialogue around disability rights has changed since Nebraska passed the law allowing this, and we now know that “sheltered workshops” do not help move people with disabilities toward greater personal and financial independence.

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PRESS RELEASE: Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Legislative Bill 835 to Allow 529 NEST College Saving Plans to Pay Student Loans

Lincoln, NE— 1.6.22 — Today, Senator Megan Hunt introduced LB 835 to provide an option that could help relieve student debtors’ loan balances: the 529 NEST college saving plan. Currently, 529 plans allow families to contribute money to an account, which grows on a tax deferred basis and can be withdrawn tax-free if it’s used to pay for qualified education expenses, like tuition or textbooks. In 2019, the federal SECURE Act created new flexibilities for 529 college savings plans, including one that allows these plans to be used to make student loan payments. However, the state’s existing statute prohibits Nebraskans from utilizing the newly granted 529 options. LB 835 will permit 529 planholders to use account assets to pay up to $10,000 in student loans per beneficiary to help.

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