Send Earnest Jackson Home


Dear friends and neighbors,

Earnest Jackson has been imprisoned for over 22 years for a crime that someone else has already confessed to and was subsequently acquitted. He was sentenced to prison at the young age of 17 and has worked hard every day to improve himself and his peers. Earnest has received his college degree, earned numerous awards and certifications, gotten married, currently works as an Intentional Peer Support Specialist, and has continued to fight for his freedom for decades.

Earnest now needs our help! Earnest's appeals are effectively exhausted. The only avenue for relief for Earnest is a sentence commutation and pardon. Earnest's parole and pardons review has FINALLY been scheduled for September 19th. A commutation would reduce the punishment of the crime and a pardon would remove any remaining time required to serve, effectively sending Earnest home. The Nebraska Board of Pardons is comprised of the Governor, Secretary of State, and State Attorney General. Learn more about Earnest's case and write a letter of support to the Board on his behalf at

You can view my full letter to the Board of Pardon in support of Earnest's sentence commutation below.