We did it. Thank you.


Dear friends and neighbors,

We made history.  

And I have you to thank.

Over the past 510 days, my priority has been listening to the people of District 8. I have worked every day on this campaign to have a conversation with each and every member in this district. And yesterday we made history, electing the first openly LGBTQ Senator to the Nebraska Legislature. Together, we defied the odds and shattered a long-standing political barrier in Nebraska.

I ran for the Legislature to better engage and represent every part of our community, and together for the last 510 days we've done just that. We did it by knocking on over 23,000 doors and having meaningful conversations with thousands of people about their lives and their concerns and hopes for our neighborhoods. People saw that we cared through the hard work we put in to reach out to them, and that's why we won 14 of the 14 precincts, with 64% of the overall vote.

As a state Senator, my door will always be open to listen to the concerns of my constituents. There is so much divisive rhetoric in our politics today that undermines civil engagement and public leadership. I believe the best way to restore faith in our government is by creating inclusive policies that make people feel welcome and engaged in the political process; not shut out.

I am here for everyone who wants to live the good life in Nebraska—from sixth-generation Nebraskans like me, to our newest neighbors who we must welcome with open arms. This campaign was about who we are, and who we can be as a state of people who stand for innovation, for justice, for courage, and for equality before the law.

Another beginning starts today.

Yours in deep gratitude, 

Megan Hunt 

Nebraska State Senator-Elect, District 8