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Ocasio-Cortez and Hunt devoted a substantial amount of their campaigning time to listening. Hunt posted on social media: “over the past 510 days, my priority has been listening to the people of District 8.” Yes, just listening. As Hunt shared on her blog the day after her successful first fun for elected office: “The thing about public service is that we don’t pick and choose who we care for. I have worked every day on this campaign to have a conversation with everyone I could have the privilege of representing” Listening is a key networking skill. It ensures you truly understand the audience you’re trying to reach. And by going to where your targeted audience hangout everyday (for Ocasio-Cortez and Hunt that involved heading into the community) you’re listening not only with your ears, but with all of your senses so you can truly “hear” what is being said. Read more at

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Press Release: Megan Hunt Declares Victory in Legislative District 8

Omaha, NE – Megan Hunt declared victory in her bid to represent Legislative District 8 in the Nebraska Legislature. Speaking to a crowd of more than 150 at Bärchen Beer Garden in Benson, Hunt thanked her supports and emphasized the importance of community-driven campaigns. “I stand here because of this district’s dedication to the community and I want to thank the volunteers who took on leadership roles, knocked doors, and made this a collective effort.” Hunt said.

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Megan Hunt Endorsed by the World-Herald

"Hunt, a small-business owner in this midtown district, is a high-energy individual with strong political views. She demonstrated a practical sensibility, though, in describing how, if elected, she would need to work with a range of colleagues if she’s to achieve policy success. She showed a notable understanding of the Legislature’s procedures and key players and did a fine job explaining the ingredients for legislative success." Thank you very much to the Omaha World-Herald editorial board for their endorsement. I think they characterized me well, and I look forward to spending the next 29 days earning the endorsement of the residents of LD8.

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Hunt Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police

I’m proud to have received the endorsement of the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police. Thank you to the great police officers who protect our neighborhoods and to the community advocates working with them to keep people safe. From the FOP: “Congratulations to Megan Hunt on the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police endorsement. The Nebraska FOP has endorsed Megan to serve Legislative District 8 in the Nebraska Legislature. Megan has the skill set to effectively advocate for public safety in the Nebraska Legislature and has made public safety a priority in her campaign. Megan will fight for the working men and women of law enforcement across Nebraska. The FOP is comprised of over 3000 law enforcement officers across Nebraska.”

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