Press Release: Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Legislation to Ban Nonconsensual Pornography


Senator Megan Hunt Introduces Legislation to Ban Nonconsensual Pornography

Lincoln, NE— 1.11.19 — Today Senator Megan Hunt introduced LB164, legislation that would prohibit the sharing of sexual images or videos without the consent of the depicted individual, an act commonly referred to as nonconsensual pornography or “revenge porn.” Often times perpetrators are vengeful ex-partners or opportunistic hackers. Violation of the law would be a Class I misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class IV felony for any and all subsequent offenses. This would provide victims with a means for legal recourse and deter individuals from perpetrating the act. The bill is a part of Senator Hunt’s agenda to modernize Nebraska’s laws.

“Our net-centric reality brings with it new challenges and LB164 addresses one of those issues - nonconsensual pornography, an internet-driven violation of privacy that disproportionately impacts women and young people. Nonconsensual pornography can harm or destroy a victim’s personal relationships, mental health, and employment or educational opportunities. It’s time to catch up with the 41 other states that have imposed revenge porn bans and bring Nebraska’s legal code closer to a modern standard that recognizes the unique impacts of a technologically interconnected society. This is why I am excited to bring LB164 with bipartisan support,” said Senator Hunt.


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